In the Footsteps of a Genius

Only a few men have been able to change the course of World history – Nikola Tesla is one of them. This genius scientist who worked on radiotechnics and electrotechnics invented the rotating magnetic field principle and the poly-phase alternating current system. Starting at the Technical Museum, where you will learn of the work of Nikola Tesla through practical presentations accompanied by a guide, we then take you to Smiljan, birth-place of this world-renowned inventor and innovator. Visit the memorial centre and find out more about the life the life and inventions of the great scientist. We will experience Tesla´s childhood natural beauties, notably Gacka springs, one of the most beautiful and purest underground rivers of Europe. Maybe this environment influenced the development and inspiration of the great scientist whose inventions have enabled a far better life and without them, world would not be as it is today.