Following the wine trails

Croatian wine culture dates from the time of the Phoenicians, the Illyrians, and the Greek and Romans. It is interesting that exactly here you can find all possible viticultural zones, as determined by temperature and hours of sunlight. Across Croatia and further, there are wineries and wine cellars where the grape will turn into wine and lie in wooden barrels or in bottles. The wine growers hand over the carefully cultivated grapes to the enologists, and the process of refining the grapes into various special wine begins, wines which will wait in cellars at ideal temperatures to undergo their maturity. Only then will they be ready to be sold on the market and delight the palates of wine lovers. Join us in the following the wine trails, enjoy the wines from the best Croatian wineries and wine cellars across Croatia, such as Belje, Kutjevo and Iločki podrumi (Ilok wine cellars ), Primošten vineyards and many, many more that will charm you with their treasures and make this wine adventure truly unforgettable.