An adventure with Istrian delicacies

The flavors of some places stay in our memory forever. Come away with us on a journey where all of your senses will enjoy the best Istrian delicacies. During your stay in Istria, you can learn how to prepare six different interesting and simple meals with flavors that will delight you. Maneštra, fuži, pljukanci, Istrian beef, nadeva, supa, nook, home made bread, fish and sea shells will amaze your palate. On top of this you will taste supreme quality olive oil and wine – Malvazija (white wine) and Teran (red wine), you will learn how to produce a home made sparkling wine with a classical method, and try two famous aphrodisiacs: biska (homemade alcohol) and truffles. As well as the numerous taverns, domestic households, and luxurious restaurants you will visit while preparing your dishes, you will get to know the sights of Istria´s small towns such as Buzet, Motovun and Rovinj, and there will also be a truffle hunt in the Motovun Forest to make this adventure of flavors even more exciting.

Tourist packages are 7 days long. The activity programme for a 7 day package includes: Day 1 - 3: Buzet and surroundings; Day 4: Motovun; Day 5: Rovinj; Day 6: Motovun Forest; Day 7: Buzet.