The pleasure of truffles

In Istria the truffle has been dug out of the ground since ancient times, even the Roman emperors knew about them, as well as the Austro-Hungarian noblemen who largely consumed truffles, not only because of their extraordinary flavor, but also because of the aphrodisiac qualities attributed to them. Hidden under the ground, these mushrooms are a prized delicacy and the most prestigious ingredient of various international dishes that gives them a special character. In addition to white truffles, in Istria three types of the black truffle can also be found. The valley of the river Mirna and the Motovun Forest in Livade are well known truffle centers – where we will take you on a quest for the world-renowned truffle! Every day, accompanied by experienced trufflers and with the help of specially trained dogs, we will search for truffles and later prepare them ourselves. Tasting the various dishes with truffles will not be passed up, just like the unique taste of Istrian truffles, which, once you taste, you will always want to come back to!

Tourist packages range from 7 - 9 days. The activity programme for a 9 day packages includes: Day 1: Motovun; Day 2: Motovun - Livade - Motovun; Day 3: Motovun- Grožnjan - Oprtalj; Days 4 - 5 Motovun - Roč - Momjan - Kremenje - Motovun; Day 6 - 9: Motovun - Livade.