Undiscovered Delights of the Golden Island

Only a few hours drive from any large European city or Croatian town, an oasis of peace and tranquillity sleeps preserving its undiscovered natural beauties - The Island of Krk. The ancient cradle of Croatian literacy with findings of a large number of Glagolitic scriptures will give you a unique experience of natural and cultural delights. Visit the Biserujka Cave with an expert guide whose beauty of the interior space and deposited shapes enthral of visitors. Visit the aquarium in Baška and inspect one of the largest collections of Adriatic shells and crabs in Croatia, then take a bath in healing medicinal mud in sandy Soline Bay and enjoy the delights of nature. Visit Goli Otok, the well-known former penitentiary and a prison for political prisoners – learn about the rich history of the Town Krk and spice it all up with tasting autochthonous specialities experiencing a holiday for all your senses.

Tourist packages can range from one to four days. The activity programme for a four-day package includes: Day 1: Baška; Day 2: Goli Otok: Day 3: Krk; Day 4: Baška.