The underground world of Istria

Istria is famous for its beauty. The green forests and hills, tranquil rivers, charming villages and blue sea will enchant you at first sight. But Istria hides many other treasures within - the caves. These hidden empires are true pearls of nature. Visit Baredina jama Cave, a geomorphological monument of nature, a magnificent treasury of stalagmites and stalactites, underworld sculptures created by water working patiently on it through the centuries. Here you will see the olm and other endemic animal species which inhabit only the karst areas of Istria. Visit one of the largest caves in Istria, Mramornica Cave, a true gem of the Istrian underground, while in the heart of Istria near the village of Feštini not far from Žminj, the Feštini kingdom Cave (Feštinsko kraljevstvo) stands out for its natural beauty. A couple of hundred meters below the largest and best preserved medieval castle in Istria you will enjoy the beauty of Pazin Cave and thus round off your experience of the fascinating Istrian underground empire.

Tourist packages range from 1 - 4 days. The activity programme for a 4 day package includes: Day 1: Baredine; Day 2: Brtonigla; Day 3: Feštini; Day 4: Pazin.