Free Flight in the Heart of Nature

Ah, to be free as a bird - it is the yearning and the goal of every human being, and it comes as no surprise that we find the true masters of the skies in their natural environment so fascinating and relaxing. The Učka Nature park is an area of lush forest vegetation and specific climate which are the result of both the relief and the vicinity of the sea. It is also a habitat for numerous endangered and protected species of plants, birds and animals. For instance, of 114 species of birds regarded as endangered on the European level, 83 of them come to the area of Kvarner and Istria. Let us take you for a tour of the Učka Nature Park where the pleasure of immersing oneself into untouched nature and being able to observe a vast variety of flora and fauna can be further enhanced by visits to belvederes from which vistas open towards Istria and Kvarner. And from there the magical blue of the sea reaches towards the mountain peaks of Gorski kotar that rise in the distance. Be the season of your visit autumn or spring, this day spent in the open air will be one to remember.

This is a package tour of 1 - 3 days. The programme of activities for three-day package covers the following: Days 1 - 3: activities in the area of the Učka Natural park.