Adrenaline adventure in Istria

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you love excitement and active recreation in nature? Take the small picturesque Istrian village of Glavani, situated in near Barban, in one of the biggest adrenaline parks in the country, perfect for all adventures and lovers of adrenaline sports. Comprising a total area of four acres, this theme park has the longest zip-line to the last platform in Europe. Approximately 113 feet of free flight over olive groves that will satisfy even the most courageous and most avid adrenaline junkies, while at the same time you will be surrounded by natural beauty. Glavani Park is an ideal place to escape from the stress of everyday life, which you easily forget high up in the treetops. Enjoy several hours of carefree fun in the Park in which the whole family can participate regardless of age. Indulge your adventurous spirit and embark with us on a real adrenaline adventure!

Tourist packages are one day long. The activity programme for 1-day package includes activities in Istria (Glavani.Barban).