Following the paths of central Istria

If you need to relax, rest and restore your energy in the fresh air while enjoying nature, then visit central Istria and let it win you over with is beauty. Several marked walking and hiking trails with beautiful landscapes leading to hidden places in the Istrian outback are in store for you. Go on an unforgettable adventure, merge with nature and forget about the daily hustle and bustle. Join us in an interesting circular walk along the 12km long trail that connects Pazin and Beram, a typical medieval village situated on a wooded hill. There is the Church of St.Mary na Škriljinah (of the Rocks), known for its Late Gothic frescoes. After enjoying the magnificent panorama you can experience only in Istria, visit one of the Istrian konoba (taverns) and, after a fulfilling day, refresh body and soul with homemade specialties and quality Istrian wine.

Tourist packages are 1-day long. The activity programme for a 1-day package includes activities in Istria (Pazin, Beram).