The astronomical magic of the northern Adriatic

If you are looking for activities, unusual experiences and pristine nature, visiting Istria and Kvarner is the right choice. These regions offer a wide range of diverse activities, and one of the most beautiful is surely the one connected with the starry sky. At the end of March in Istria two interesting events take place: The Science Fiction Fair in Pazin and Messier Marathon in Višnjan. Watching the stars in the region is an interesting experience, one that encourages us to think about amazingly distant worlds, and you will be infected with the enthusiasm of the professionals at the Višnjan Observatory, the Astronomical Center in Rijeka or the astronomical society on the island of Mali Lošinj. To spend a night under the open sky, able to peek at it through several different telescopes, staying warm by the fire with a cup of hot tea. Or in the summer months, while participating in an organized expedition, to observe the sky meteors lying on a beach far away from the city´s light pollution-this is truly wonderful experience and a real stellar adventure. 

Tourist packages range from 3 - 7 days. The activity programme for a 7 day package includes: Days 1 - 7: activities in the area of Istria i Kvarner.